Right of withdrawal

Rights of Withdrawal

Buyers, physical or moral people, have a withdrawal time of 14 days from the delivery of their order to send back the product to the seller to have an exchange or a repayment without penalties, except the back freight costs and the freight costs of the new product if there’s an exchange.
No exchange or repayment will be accepted for saled products or special offers.
To use the withdrawal right, you can use the withdrawal formular example at the bottom of this page, or formulate a declaration without ambiguity showing your intention to send the product back to BAM SAS.
BAM SAS will acknowledge receipt of your withdrawal by email.
Then, you need to send back the products to BAM SAS, maximum 14 days after your withdrawal :
- By Post to this address : BAM SAS – Rue de la Vignerie – 14160 Dives sur Mer – France
Freight back costs by Post are at your charge (except for a defected product or a BAM SAS error with the product shipment)
If one or several products are defected when you received them, follow this process :
- Tell us maximum 24 hours after your shipment receipt
- Then go to a Post office with the broken item and its original packaging and do an official report witch includes a copy of your order receipts, with details about the broken product.
- Send us a copy of this official report with a picture
- We take care to create a litigation to the Post with this official report.
- At this point, we’ll can offer you a credit note or a second shipment of this article.
Anyone who don’t follow this process will not be able to claim a repayment, a credit note or a second shipment.

No exchange or repayment will be accepted more than 2 months after the order date.

Withdrawal formular example :

Addressed to : BAM SAS – Rue de la Vignerie – 14160 Dives sur mer - FRANCE.

I inform you about my withdrawal from the selling contract of this or those products :

- Name and reference :

- Date of order :

- Receipt on :

- Order number :

- Exchange of the product or reimbursement:

Reason for my withdrawal from the selling contract:

Buyer’s name :

Buyer’s address :

Buyer’s signature :

Date :